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The Lead-generating Flutter
App Development Company

We build robust, highly scalable, and natively
compiled experiences on your app.

Our Services

Flutter App Consulting

Project management is not everyone’s cup of tea, particularly when you’re not tech-savvy. Our consultant helps you manage your project right from concept validation to maintenance.

Flutter App UI & UX Design

The robust and functional front end is a guarantee to attract and engage your target audience. We use smart UI components to build smart UIs. Our frontend strategy results in robust UX.

Flutter Cross-platform App Development

We unlock the native features of your mobile devices across all OS platforms. Our single code base works cross-platform and saves you time and money. Moreover, it makes changes easy.

Flutter App API Development

Our Dart (Flutter) developers have the knacks to create an API from scratch using Flutter. As a result, we deliver a highly secure and seamless user experience with our APIs in the integration process.

Flutter App Integration

We provide a seamless user experience while integrating third-party software and services into your Flutter mobile applications. Moreover, it extends the features and functionality further.

Flutter App Porting

We offer secure and seamless app migration services to migrate your app from another platform to Flutter. In addition, we take care of data, resources, extensions, and appearance during porting.

Flutter App Version Upgrade

We upgrade your highly customized Flutter app to the latest version with all dependencies and keep its core functionality intact. In addition, our version upgrade services are secure.

Flutter IoT App Development

Flutter provides a range of widgets, modules, and libraries that help in IoT app development. Moreover, it makes Bluetooth integration easy, which is essential for IoT applications.

Flutter AI App Development

We use TensorFlow Lite in AI app development in Flutter. TensorFlow is a mobile library. Using the Flutter framework, we create NLP, DL, and ML mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms.

Flutter AR/VR App Development

We use ARKit for iOS and ARCore for Android AR/VR app development. Flutter provides the entire package of plugins to create robust AR/VR mobile applications working smoothly across mobile platforms.

Flutter Blockchain App Development

We create a Blockchain development environment using Truffle. Flutter helps us to develop Crypto Wallet and other Blockchain applications for iOS and Android platforms with a single code base.

Flutter Support & Maintenance

Our expert Flutter developers are ready to serve you round-the-clock for inquiries, concerns, and emergencies. Moreover, we have flexible and comprehensive maintenance plans for you.

Hire Us

Do you have unique requirements for hiring our Flutter app developers?
No worries. We have flexible and comprehensive hiring models that can be customized further.


Do you want your team to be more flexible and creative? Our hourly hiring model is an excellent choice for you. So take the reign of project management in your hands and extract the most out of our talents. It is an ideal model for projects with uncertain outcomes.



Are you suffering from time constraints? Our part-time model enables you to work with our team at your pace. So please choose a time slot, and our team will cooperate with you. It is an ideal model for the project with certain outcomes.



Are you after deadlines? Do you look for a dedicated team? Our full-time model will give you a dedicated team that will work only for your projects and accomplish projects on time. It is an ideal model for projects with certain outcomes.


What makes us stand out from the crowd?

Native Experience

Practically, our Flutter app developers have worked on native iOS & Android app development projects before jumping on Flutter. So, they know everything inside-out.

Cross-platform Experience

Our Flutter app developers are not newbies in cross-platform app development. On the contrary, they have accomplished several cross-platform apps before, including Flutter.


We have advanced infrastructural facilities for Flutter development, including IDEs, tools, simulators, and devices to test. In addition, we have good hardware and software.

Test-driven Development

We know large projects need regression testing and other testing methods often. So, we use the best native & third-party libraries to ensure high quality.


We know app animations have their unique charm and positive impacts. So, we use native and external animation libraries and tools to offer meaningful animations.


Repetitive tasks in the development process greatly hinder productivity and performance. So, we use various automation tools to boost everything upfront.

Our Flutter App Development Process



We allocate our BA team to collect business requirements and research the target audience to create a user persona.


We plan development strategies and tasks for each step of the development process.


We take the help of sketches, wireframes, and interactive prototyping before jumping on final design creation.


Our Flutter developers are experts in coding and apply the best programming practices to deliver clean, crisp, and comprehensive code.

QA & Testing

We ensure high-quality outcomes by applying rigorous testing and innovative QA methods and tools. In addition, we use manual methods and automation tools.

Marketplace Submission

Our DevOps are experienced folk and apply the best practices to get instant approvals from respective marketplaces for iOS and Android apps.

Support & Maintenance

We provide technical and marketing support and offer long-term maintenance plans.

Our Technologies

We are passionate about various Flutter technologies, such as

We use React.js, Vue.js, and Angular.js for frontend development because everything is done in Flutter with widgets containing design parameters.


Flutter is BaaS-based and offers excellent backend development solutions. However, we use Parse, Firebase, Back4App, and AWS Amplify to create the backend.


We use numerous libraries in Flutter, including RxDart, Local Auth, Intro Slider, FL Chart, URL Launcher, Path Provider, Alchemist, etc.


Dart is the only programming language used in Flutter. It has almost similar features to Swift and Kotlin. In addition, it can be trans-compiled into JavaScript code.


We use SQLite in most cases. However, we seldom go to the hive for light key-value DB and Firebase real-time database as MBaaS. ObjectBox is another choice for high performance.


Our first choice is Visual Studio Code and Android Studio as excellent IDE for Flutter. However, IntelliJ IDEA and Emacs are also great for Flutter coding.


We use two types of testing methods in Flutter. One is manual testing for UI experience, widgets composition, etc. Another is automation testing tools for verifying functionality.

Dev Tools

We use the following useful tools. Flutter SDK, Dart Pad, Vysor, Bitrise, Codemagic, TestMagic, OneSignal, MoEngage, Countly, Panache, RevenueCat, Square, Supernova, and many others.

Our Portfolio

Our portfolio showcases our hard work, passion, skills, and experience together.

Enter Asia

May 22, 2023


Wyndel Apartments

May 22, 2023


Hometown Restoration

May 22, 2023


Priority Lending

May 22, 2023



February 2, 2023



February 2, 2023


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