Georgie Bancroft

Georgie Bancroft empower families to build strong parent-child connections.

Georgie Bancroft provides the services Such As Counselling and connection parent education.

1. Counselling which is collaborative process which assists parents is working through their parenting related challenges, including:

1. Relationship Issues
2. Depression
3. Anxiety
4. Grief
5. Loss
6. Stress
7. Communication

1. Connection Parent Education:

Georgie informs and educates parents, families, organizations and members of the community on connection parenting via a range of education services.

Parent education talks and workshops:
Georgie can help people in your community, at your school or in your workplace by giving talks or workshops in your area of choice.

Talks and workshops deliver tools to manage a range of parenting challenges. In addition they provide an explanation of the underlying science behind their effectiveness. Topics can be created or customised to suit the needs of your community, but include the following:

* How children’s emotions work
* Preparing for the birth of a sibling
* Sleep
* Play
* Babies and crying
* Non-punitive discipline
* Managing emotional moments
* Siblings
* Setting limits
* Separation
* Tears and tantrums

2. Parenting by Connection Starter Class (formerly called Building Emotional Understanding)

Gain a useful set of parenting tools to work through challenging behaviours. This instructor-led class gives you the insight, tools and support to:

* Understand children’s emotional needs
* Set limits
* Apply and discuss proven tools for resolving off-track behaviour
* Understand the common causes of crying and its benefits
* Learn why children throw tantrums and how to respond to them
* Help children with anger and fears
* Reduce parenting stress and increase co-operation
* Master effective listening skills.