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Fraud is an ever-growing risk with significant cost implications and cannot be eliminated. We can no longer experience ‘bad experiences’ in our digitally enabled world. 

According to statistics, there are currently many fake companies list consulting firms in major cities of India. The problems caused by these companies are numerous, and they introduce new strategies every day. Most of these companies target vulnerable demographics for job seekers.

Fraud is a recurring risk that may result in loss, so let’s look at how you can prove you can trust the company or should avoid it at all costs.

The tips below will help you know how to check the fake companies list in India.

Check spelling and grammar

If you frequently notice bad English or bad grammar, a website that appears to trade as a company indicates that the company may be located in a foreign country. This should appear as a red flag if the company advertises it as a local business trading near you, so check further before taking action with them.

Check your business address and landline number

Every website should have a business address and a landline so potential customers can reach them. You can check both by calling the company and searching Google Maps to verify it’s an office and not a scam address. Then it will become one of the part fake company lists.

Check out the privacy policy

You should also look for a privacy policy and company profile on the website, which may indicate the period during which the company operates, its Ethical Standing, and Company Mission. The privacy policy also verifies the registered business address and company name. This allows you to look up company credit through trusted credit reporting agencies officially.

Check company number

This may be found in the Company’s Privacy Policy or Terms and Conditions. Every limited company in India has a registered company number, which should be displayed along with their registered location on their website.

Company audit

Check the registered company name, Company address, company number, and shareholder information. The company’s credit report will show you the company’s website and the industry code in which the company is located.

Director details

Every company’s credit report provides details about its directors and shareholders. You will then be able to view individual director reports, which will show current and previous appointments, including the date of appointment and date of resignation. You can also view the credit reports of those companies to see if they are still trading. 

Company credit score

In addition to business verification, a company’s credit report also provides a company’s credit score. A company’s credit score is an algorithmic equation. The percentage of the company’s bankruptcy determines the likelihood that the company will go bankrupt in the next 12 months, with 0 being highly likely and 100 being highly unlikely. 

A higher credit score indicates a more stable company. Because there are many factors that influence a company’s credit score, changing these factors can affect your overall credit score.

Group structure

Being able to see the group structure on a company’s credit report is another benefit of credit checks but also any company. For example, the company you are dealing with may be an affiliate or subsidiary of a larger operation.

The group structure of the company credit report lets you see all the companies involved, including the parent company/head office, and check a company’s credit report to get a bigger picture of how that group is performing and how stable it is. If a company in a group structure is in trouble it may affect other companies in that group.

Financial Services Register (FCA)

If the company offers financial services or related products, you should be able to find them through a quick search on this site. If you do not appear on this site but are in an FCA-regulated industry, we recommend that you avoid working with this business.

Company house

If you are dealing with a limited company, they must list a large amount of information to the Companies House. They must register their business there and have an annual account. The company house can display the registered office address, company status, and company type.

It can also show things like the registration date and previous company name. You can see who the directors and key controlling persons are. It also allows you to view each director’s profile to see a history of all their previous appointments.

Check the WHOIS database allows you to check domain name registrant information, and sometimes they can verify their business address and contact name. It will also provide you with useful information, such as when a domain name is registered. 

So you can understand how long the website has been running. If the website was recently registered or the registrant’s information is protected, this could be a sign that the company is not authentic.

List of Fake Consulting Firms in Major Indian Cities

Here we have a fake companies list and consulting firms in major cities of India. The whole list is exhaustive, and we are sure that many more are sourced from fake company list by nasscom:

  • Mansoft Microsystems  
  • 4SPL  
  • Accent-A-Technology  
  • Accentric Global      
  • Adroit Solutions  
  • Afxisi Technology Services P Ltd., formerly (Diginet Technologies)  
  • AigleSoft  
  • Algorithm Computers  
  • Altra Systems  
  • Amked Technologies  
  • Ample Technologies  
  • Anchor IT Solutions     
  • Aniga Technologies  
  • Answer Think Solutions  
  • Answerland IT Univ  
  • Aspentech Global Solutions  
  • Atlantics Solutions Private Limited  
  • AV Systems  
  • Axial Software Solutions  
  • Axiom Tech Solutions      
  • Axis Systems Pvt. Ltd  
  • B2 Software  
  • Basil Solutions  
  • Bein Soft Technologies Pvt Ltd  
  • Binary Infotech Pvt. Ltd  
  • Bridge consulting firm   
  • Business    1 Consulting  
  • Buttress Technologies Private Limited      
  • C – Wave Technologies  

Source –  The Reality View

These are some of the companies that are consistently list of fake companies by IBM, Accenture, NASSCOM, and many other reputable organizations. There is a comprehensive list of these companies, and you can protect yourself from fraudulent activities.

Are job offers from these companies fake or real? Tips to see the difference:

In India, scams have exceeded the limits in almost every outlet, and due to the rapid increase in online job searches nowadays, people were tricked into scamming.

Sometimes it becomes very difficult to determine if the job we are applying for is real or fake because scammers are on the rise, with more and more fake job vacancies appearing on such job search portals.

Scammers have become very cunning these days. This makes it even more difficult to find out fake consultancy list. The motive behind these scams is to extract your hard-earned money from applicants and disappear.

Every fake job has a payout associated with it. We must always be one step ahead with the guide below to find a legitimate job.

Don’t pay

If someone applies for a job in a good company, they must always remember that they are not asking you to pay for any vacancies in their company. There are some who receive a letter of acceptance stating that they have been selected for a specific job for which they will be paid a certain amount. This is a fake job offer and should not be accepted.

Background research is mandatory

Before applying to any company or before attending an interview, Make sure they have done proper research about the company. They need to visit the company’s website, and if they do not find it they must consider it a scam. Every good company has a website with all contact information and career options posted on it.

Job description

If the job description is not specified in the job advertisement, try to find out if the applicant will receive a commission or a salary. Applicants are required to clarify all these details regarding the pay scale. 

How will they pay and when to pay? If the company does not certify the wage rate or salary per hour, they should stop thinking about applying there.

Interview process

The interview should be structured instead of a telephone interview. Always believe in one-on-one interactions. The fake companies also conduct unethical interviews that are high-risk.

Using Google

Google should be your best source of information. Try a Google search for the company’s name to find out all about it. And if the company doesn’t give you your name, don’t be interested in applying. After that, they must be typed. ‘Scam Company Name’ to find out about reported scams.

Be very careful

If some job postings sound too good to be legitimate, don’t. Applicants must be confirmed. No good company asks for confidential information. If you receive an email after applying for a job requesting bank credentials, they should be sure it is a scam. Before giving any information, we must make sure the company is safe by looking at its website. It must be specified with ‘https://.’

Tips for identifying fake companies

Check company number

A company’s registration number is one form of identification. Unique numbers are assigned by the national registry office and are often used in different legal contexts. The company number should be indicated in the privacy policy or terms and conditions. 

All limited companies in India have a company registration number that is displayed along with the company’s registered place. Limited companies are generally separated from their legal owners and managers. It generally consists of shareholders and directors. The company number will remain the same even if the business changes its name, address, or shareholders.

Study addresses information of the company

Nowadays, address fraud remains one of the most common types of fraud today. Fake office addresses are typically used to launder money and hide from authorities.

If you suspect a fake company Check the website and address details provided. If there is no address immediately regarded as a red flag, don’t be afraid to ask the company questions. You can always call the company and ask the manager to explain the surrounding area. If you have this information, you can use Google Maps to check if it matches the description.

In the case of a local business, instead of using the Internet, You can go to the physical address to verify the accuracy of the location. You can learn a lot about the company by visiting its physical locations.

Please don’t forget to check out the company’s website

As usual, some red flags raise doubts about the legitimacy of a business. If you can’t find any contact information listed on the website, such as a valid phone number, and no way to contact the company, Chances are that the business might not be genuine. One of the easiest ways to check if a phone number is valid is to call it. If disconnected, that’s automatically a bad sign.

Find reviews and references

One of the most effective ways to find out if a company is legitimate is to look for feedback or other forms of customer reviews online. A company’s website is one thing, but websites and other resources can provide more reliable details about the business.

View accepted payment methods

What could be worse than accepting cash may be a check, whether you are a customer or a business. One rule for knowing if a company is legitimate is its payment method. Beware of companies that require access to your bank account for large purchases.

In general, legitimate companies offer money-back guarantees. Overall, it’s safe to pay via credit card or a payment method like PayPal if the business doesn’t accept them. It shows that the company is suspicious.

Whether you are a business or a customer thinking of making an online purchase, No one wants to fall into the trap just to find out that a company or website has turned out to be a scam. Fortunately, being aware of common scam techniques can prevent unwanted losses.


Nowadays, there are several ways to check if a company is legitimate. But what if something still doesn’t feel right? Always trust your intuition if you feel uncomfortable dealing with businesses, don’t deal with them. 

Fraud is a common and damaging problem for SMEs, and the more vigilant business owners become. You can be aware of the fake company list 2020. Always conduct your due diligence with potential customers and suppliers to ensure you are dealing with a legitimate business. 

It is also recommended to use the tips we provide to review companies contacting you for a job or any business deal. One thing you have to register with is that there are no legitimate companies that will ask you to pay for work or to obtain a contract. 

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